6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Packaging Supplier

When moving your products from point A to point B, product packaging plays a crucial role that often goes unnoticed. It involves more than just placing items in shipping crates or on wooden pallets; it is about ensuring your goods arrive undamaged at a cost-effective price. To choose the right packaging supplier, you should consider the company’s packaging quality, customization and testing capabilities, industry experience, customer service, protective packaging material options, and competitive position in the industry.

In this guide, we will break down the essentials -- from materials to scalability -- to help you find the best packaging partner for your industry. Let this article be your roadmap to a packaging provider that protects your company’s products and sets you up for success.


How to Choose a Packaging Supplier

1. Packaging Quality

Ensuring the safe arrival of your product at its destination is the most cost-efficient outcome because you won’t need to replace damaged goods. This result is achieved with a packaging provider that understands operational efficiency. Given occasional logistical challenges, the choice of a packaging provider becomes crucial. Opting for a provider that emphasizes top-notch materials, follows consistent manufacturing practices, and has a positive reputation ensures success. This decision guarantees effective packaging and contributes to the overall improvement of your business operations.


2. Customized Packaging and Testing

Customized packaging is essential, as the "one size fits all" approach does not work for different industries and products. Your industry and company have unique requirements, so select a packaging provider that understands these specifics. Look for providers offering package testing services as an additional service, showcasing their capability to tailor packaging solutions for both national and international shipping conditions. This dedication values your products and reduces the risk of ineffective packaging.


3. Industry Experience

The reliability of a packaging provider is reflected in its experience and track record. Choose providers with proficiency in many different industries, showcasing a wide-ranging knowledge base. A positive indicator is the provider's longevity in the industry, particularly if they consistently broaden their offerings. Experience ensures that the provider has successfully tackled various challenges, establishing them as a trustworthy option for your packaging requirements.


4. Quality Customer Service 

While product quality holds significance, outstanding service is equally crucial. Look for a packaging vendor that integrates superior products with excellent service. This guarantees a more seamless, enjoyable, and collaborative working experience. Choose industrial packaging suppliers that provide packaging consultations and facility analyses, along with assigning dedicated account managers for prompt handling of questions, comments, or concerns. This personalized approach enhances the overall customer experience.

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5. Product Packaging Material Options 

Select a packaging provider that has access to or manufactures an extensive array of packaging material products. Packaging providers offering proprietary solutions exhibit a dedication to innovation, demonstrating their commitment to enhancing your company’s packaging solutions. Subsequently, a varied selection of packaging materials provides flexibility in addressing the distinct requirements of your products and industry. This can simplify your supply chain and lead to cost savings.


6. Company’s Competitive Position in the Industry

Establishing trust and cultivating relationships with suppliers requires time and dedication. When choosing a packaging provider, contemplate the prospect of forging long-term partnerships. You will want to invest time in a company that will last. Choosing a provider that has been in the industry for a long time and has a strong competitive position in the market is imperative. A company operating in multiple markets will also be capable of adjusting to your company's growth, ensuring it can accommodate evolving packaging and supply chain needs. A nationwide presence is a crucial consideration, enabling the provider to efficiently support your facility's unique packaging needs.


Why Choose Our Packaging Supplier Company

At UFP Packaging, we are your dedicated packaging partner, meeting the key criteria for excellence. Our extensive network ensures a steady supply of top-quality materials, supported by the active pursuit of ISO 9001 certification. Serving top national companies, our reliability stands out. We are all about exceeding expectations -- not just meeting them.

Our ISTA-certified testing facility guarantees effective solutions through comprehensive testing. We go the extra mile, placing ourselves in your shoes to test your products with our packaging. This allows us to optimize effectiveness and show our commitment to quality assurance.

Catering to diverse industries with proprietary solutions, we reflect adaptability and a commitment to innovation. Our dedicated account managers act as reliable liaisons, ensuring seamless operations from integration to addressing queries. Our team is here to support you because your success is our success.

Operating from more than 70 locations across 26 states, UFP Packaging provides nationwide support. Trust us as the partner that safeguards your products and propels your business toward sustained success.

UFP Packaging Account Managers touring a customer's production facility

UFP Packaging account managers touring a customer's facility



Picking a quality packaging provider is vital because ineffective packaging puts your products at risk. While a cheaper or more convenient option may seem tempting, the long-term cost savings of quality packaging are invaluable. Opting for the right industrial packaging provider safeguards your products, prevents unnecessary replacements, and minimizes logistical waste. Effective packaging is not only about protection; it is an investment in the longevity and success of your business.

If you are looking for a packaging supplier for your company that meets all these requirements, schedule a consultation with UFP Packaging, or call us at (855) 779-1703.


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