3 Things to Know About Solar Module Packaging

As solar manufacturing continues to evolve in the United States, so does solar packaging. UFP Packaging is a leading supporter of the thriving solar industry and has actively produced solar module packaging for the past decade. With extensive experience on a national and global scale, UFP Packaging stands out as a trustworthy partner.

This article will discuss three essential considerations for solar module packaging. While this list can evolve or expand, they are vital considerations as we understand them today. The following three topics promote environmental sustainability, ensure your products arrive at job sites safely, and offer cost savings. UFP Packaging wholeheartedly embraces these strategies and is committed to continuing the conversation and bringing more innovation to the solar packaging and transportation space.


1. Protect Solar Modules from Damage During Logistics

The meticulous work and cost of manufacturing solar modules make protecting them and their efficiency a top priority. However, damage by transportation can vary greatly depending on your packaging. Protecting solar modules from damage in transit takes a thoughtful, analytical approach.

UFP Packaging can support you in finding the optimal balance for appropriate packaging through access to our packaging engineers and production and sales teams. UFP Packaging has an ISTA-certified testing facility to help you mitigate damage while reducing packaging waste. Both changes ultimately provide lower costs and more effective packaging. Embracing innovation is a collaborative approach that benefits your business and the planet.


2. Reduce Carbon Footprint through Optimization

Optimizing the unit load of solar module packaging is a simple adjustment that can lead to a substantial cut in carbon emissions. As the leader in industrial packaging in North America, we acknowledge the impact we can have on carbon output. Many providers ignore this critical responsibility, but we take it very seriously. This calculated approach to sustainability contributes to reducing carbon emissions, cutting packaging spend, and improving your supply chain management.


3. Reduce Plastic Usage in Industrial Packaging

While plastic is a useful solar module packaging material, its overuse poses sustainability and cost challenges. Responding to the global call for reducing plastic waste, UFP Packaging is committed to helping you decrease plastic usage in your industrial packaging process.

Our commitment to eco-friendliness is at the heart of what we do. Due to its sustainable nature, we're proud to use wood as our primary packaging material. However, we recognize that plastic is a crucial packaging component, especially in the solar industry. Our goal is not to eliminate plastic but to reduce and optimize its usage where possible.

Forest shows eco-friendly image for a sustainable future


Result: An Optimized Supply Chain for the Solar Module Industry

Integrating these strategies will reduce product damage and your carbon footprint and plastic usage. Subsequently, these strategies contribute to optimizing your supply chain. Costs will be significantly lower, processes and daily operations will be smoother and more efficient, and, most importantly, your solar modules will be transported securely. UFP Packaging recognizes the interconnected nature of these factors, acknowledging their crucial role in ensuring cost-effectiveness in the solar industry. We can comprehensively address these areas of your business to streamline your facility's operations.



If you are seeking a supplier capable of integrating these priorities into an industrial packaging solution that surpasses industry standards, look no further than UFP Packaging. We transcend the role of a mere pallet provider -- our commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness positions us as a leader in the expanding U.S. solar module market.

To find out how we can serve your solar module packaging needs and contribute to your company’s success, click here or call us at (855) 435-9359.

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