Steel & Metal Packaging

We design, engineer, test and manufacture to save you time and money while delivering exceptional quality control from start to finish. From metal parts and assemblies to coils and sheets of prime steel, we create efficiencies and innovations in containment. We provide consistent, comprehensive service and multi-location support to ensure reliable delivery while lowering your costs.

Steel packaging solutions
Transparent render of BarrierWood dunnage
Our Products

Corrosion Protection

Protect your steel products in storage and transit with BarrierWood™ Corrosion-Resistant Lumber. This solution contains a proprietary blend of chemicals designed and tested by UFP Packaging to inhibit corrosion for many applications.

Transparent render of Slot-Lock pallet
Our Products

Slot-Lock™ Pallet

A fast-built, customizable pallet that offers outstanding strength while using less fiber. Slot-Lock pallet allows you to accommodate more products with fewer SKUs.

Transparent render of U-Block dunnage
Our Products


U-Block is a new type of dunnage for a more secure unit load. It provides a clamp-like fit to ensure your products stay intact during shipping.

Transparent render of L-Block dunnage
Our Products


L-Block simplifies your dunnage placement process with preassembled grooved components, providing a more secure unit load.


Rapid Development

We build custom built products specifically for your business so you can continue to meet deadlines.

Reduce Waste

We design solutions that will keep your shipping losses to a minimum without excess packaging material.

Superior Service

As a customer, we will move mountains to ensure your happiness. It's just that simple.

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