Solar Packaging 

UFP Packaging specializes in solar packaging and understands the industry globally. Applying that knowledge and expertise, we will partner with you to understand your company’s unique packaging needs and develop custom solutions. Let UFP Packaging help elevate your reputation in this growing market by establishing a packaging standard that exceeds industry expectations.

Solar panel production
Solster crating solution for the solar industry
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The Solster pallet is a solution designed specifically for the solar industry. Offering durability and cost savings, the Solster provides safe transportation for solar modules, improves production time and enhances warehouse safety.

Strip Pak® crating for the solar industry
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Strip Pak®

Protect your solar products with our quality, lower-cost alternative to traditional wooden crates. Strip Pak contains a lighter-weighing corrugated material paired with wood framing to create a stackable container.                                                     

Clamp-Lock 100 crating solution for the solar industry
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Clamp-Lock 100

Clamp-Lock 100 features a robust tension lock with our patent pending klimps, ensuring secure cargo and easy assembly without tools or pneumatic devices. This solution promotes safety and streamlines the build process.

U-Loc 200 crating for the solar industry
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U-Loc 200

U-Loc 200 is an open-style crating system that incorporates patent pending clips. These clips offer the only tool-free open crate connector, allowing for simple assembly and reuse of the crate.


Testing Services

Our dedicated, in-house testing facilities are staffed by leaders in the industry. Our ISTA-certified testing lab in Georgia is one of the country’s largest, offering large package testing for compression, rotary motion, vibration, and incline impact. Our ISTA and ASTM package testing lab in Michigan is a state-of-the-art facility equipped to handle everything from large wood shipping crates and pallets to corrugated boxes and composite packaging solutions. 

Rapid Development

We build custom built products specifically for your business so you can continue to meet deadlines.

Reduce Waste

We design solutions that will keep your shipping losses to a minimum without excess packaging material.

Superior Service

As a customer, we will move mountains to ensure your happiness. It's just that simple.

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