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With pallets, load-reliability is just a part of the solution. You need the unit load planning and design coupled with cost-effective solutions and ease of handling. By working with our pallet management company, your business will face lower material cost, reduce product breakage, and optimize your pallet unit load. Our experienced professionals custom design and manufacture the best pallets for your job, including heat-treated pallets, for domestic or international shipping. Testing and verification is available upon request via our in-house testing labs. Our national network of pallet manufacturing plants can cover any geographic challenge.

We sell all types of new and custom pallets wholesale. From basic 48x40 pallets to complex skids for ultra-heavy, oversized machinery, UFP Packaging can handle it all. If you want to find out more about the pallets we supply, our innovative testing processes, or our company as a whole, you can get in touch with us by requesting a quote or by giving us a call at 855-435-9359.

Heat treated pallet stack
Heat treated pallet stack
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Rapid Development

We build custom built products specifically for your business so you can continue to meet deadlines.

Reduce Waste

We design solutions that will keep your shipping losses to a minimum without excess packaging material.

Superior Service

As a customer, we will move mountains to ensure your happiness. It's just that simple.

Custom Pallets

Custom Long Pallets

Our custom pallets are consistent in quality, materials, and performance. We are able to create custom pallets that meet every grade, dimension and specification. Our team also ensures that they follow the guidelines set out by the appropriate associations. When you come to us, you can feel confident knowing that you are going to get superior performance from your pallet, while paying a cost-effective price.

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CP Pallets

CP Pallet

Chemical pallets (also referred to as CP pallets) are special industrial pallets and are built in 9 different styles. CP pallets are suitable for transporting chemicals and materials safely and securely. The features of each type of pallet vary, but all CP pallets are designed to meet safety specifications. The most common of these is the CP7 pallet due to the growing value they provide for the chemical industry. Our CP pallets are built in our high-tech production facilities and meet government safety and environmental standards.

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GMA Standard Pallets


We are able to supply quality whitewood pallets that comply with the current GMA  guidelines (Grocery Manufacturers Association), also known as the Consumer Brands Association. GMA pallets are required when shipping grocery items, and we always make sure that ours are up to the task. High in quality and with a superior build, it’s safe to say that our pallets surpass industry standards.

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Winged & Flush Pallets

Winged Pallets

The purpose of wings when creating a pallet is to ensure that it is capable of supporting a bigger weight load. Winged pallets move the stringers closer to the middle of the pallet, distributing the weight over the stringers while increasing the capacity. With a much bigger surface area, it’s safe to say that more products can be placed on each individual pallet. If you are transporting heavy goods, this is an excellent solution.

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ISPM-15 Pallets


ISPM-15 pallets have to meet certain standards. If a third of the wood used for the pallet has been replaced, then current standards dictate that the wood used for the repair goes through the HT process. Each piece has to be individually marked to ensure that it meets the current standard, with the ALSC requiring pallet manufacturers to heat-treat the entire pallet again. This means you can always feel confident knowing that it is of the highest standard of quality, throughout.

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Stringer & Block Pallets

Block Pallets

A stringer pallet is two-way, meaning a forklift can lift it with two points of entry. Stringers run along the top and bottom deck board. Four-way entry stringers can also be created, with this type of pallet being suited to those who want to spend less, and who want to ship partial unit loads.

Block pallets are designed to have four entry points. Thin pieces of wood or stringer boards are used to create the surface layer. The top boards are laced between the deck boards, and the length is dependent on the stringer. Block pallets are incredibly versatile.

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Standard Pallet Manufacturing 

UFP Packaging's brand of standard pallets, PalletOne, leverages all of the advantages of modern manufacturing technology to produce pallets that are cost effective, more consistent, and with less waste. When you choose PalletOne, you are not just buying pallets, you are investing in a smarter, faster, and more sustainable future for your business. 

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