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Pallet Packaging Solutions

With pallets, load-reliability is just a part of the solution. You need the design coupled with cost-effectiveness and ease of handling. And with thousands of possibilities, finding the right pallet can be daunting. Our experienced professionals custom design and manufacture the best pallets for your job, including heat-treated pallets, for domestic or international shipping. From basic 48x48 pallets to complex skids for ultra-heavy, oversized machinery, UFP Packaging can handle it all. Testing and verification is available upon request via our in-house testing labs. Our national network of plants can cover any geographic challenge.

Type and styles available:
Custom, GMA Standard Machine-made Pallets, Winged and Flush, ISPM15, Stringer, Block, 4-way and All-way pallets.

Rapid Development

We build custom built products specifically for your business so you can continue to meet deadlines.

Reduce Waste

We design solutions that will keep your shipping losses to a minimum without excess packaging material.

Superior Service

As a customer, we will move mountains to ensure your happiness. It's just that simple.

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