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Wood Dunnage for Shipping Cargo

UFP Packaging offers a variety of proprietary wood dunnage solutions that go beyond traditional cushioning and stability. Our innovative designs make dunnage placement effortless, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring premium protection for your products. We even have dunnage that prevents rust and corrosion for steel and metal products.

Type and styles available:

L-Block, U-Block, BarrierWood (Corrosion-Resistant Lumber), Wooden Stickers, Kiln Stickers, Kiln Bunks, Banding Groove, Rail Car Loading Material.

Barrierwood corrosion resistant lumber between skids in warehouse
L-Block dunnage packaging solution in warehouse
U-Block dunnage solution in warehouse
Dunnage wooden stickers
Transparent render of BarrierWood dunnage
Our Products

Corrosion Protection

Protect your steel products in storage and transit with BarrierWood™ Corrosion-Resistant Lumber. This solution contains a proprietary blend of chemicals designed and tested by UFP Packaging to inhibit corrosion for many applications.

Transparent render of U-Block dunnage
Our Products


U-Block is a new type of dunnage for a more secure unit load. It provides a clamp-like fit to ensure your products stay intact during shipping.

Transparent render of L-Block dunnage
Our Products


L-Block simplifies your dunnage placement process with preassembled grooved components, providing a more secure unit load.


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