Revisit Your Industrial Packaging: The Benefits of a Redesign

In manufacturing and business, the saying, "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it," often contradicts a crucial reality: growth is invaluable. This truth holds particularly true for your packaging. While past success can breed confidence, it can also produce complacency. Organizations that take advantage of innovations in packaging are far more likely to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace than those that remain stagnant. In this article, we will dive into the signs that your industrial packaging may need an update and explore how a redesign can benefit your business's operational efficiency.

Pallet design engineers manufacturing and redesigning a wooden pallet


5 Warning Signs It Is Time for a Packaging Redesign

If something merely works, does that mean it is the best possible solution for your industry or warehouse? Oftentimes, no. This reality applies to every function in a business, and your packaging solutions are no exception. As your product and supply chain matures, it will likely develop different needs and complex challenges that do not fit the previous framework. When that happens, the following signs could indicate it is time to reevaluate your current packaging solutions:

1. Product Damage:
Increasing product damage during handling, storage, and transportation can be costly. It is also a clear indicator that your current packaging solutions are not providing adequate product protection.

2. Changing Industry Standards:
When modifying existing products, you must ensure that your packaging aligns with the established and new requirements. It is also important to consider how it bodes with industry regulations. Additionally, a company’s sustainability goals and compliance with location-based regulations can heavily influence packaging design.

3. Excessive Operating Costs:
Considering the rising cost of materials, labor, storage, and transportation, aligning operationally efficient solutions with your budget is imperative to your financial stability and growth. In addition, a packaging engineer can help show you cost-saving opportunities you may not have been aware of by simply redesigning your packaging with shipping and storage performance in mind.

4. Manufacturing Inefficiencies:
An industrial packaging process that is time-consuming, labor-intensive, or prone to errors can hinder production. Improved designs can streamline your operations, especially in highly automated manufacturing facilities. We can engineer pallets optimized for unit load, reducing storage space and transportation costs.

5. Quality Control Issues:
Problems with packaging during production and distribution can lead to inconsistency and unreliability for your products. In effect, this will cost your facility time and money -- interfering with your brand's reputation.


6 Benefits of a Packaging Redesign

If your product fits within one or more of the indications, now is an opportune time to reevaluate your industrial packaging. Not only will a redesign address the issues noted above, but it will also provide many other benefits to your company or warehouse. Let’s look at six value-added benefits of switching to a new, tailored packaging solution.

1. Fewer Damages:
A reduction in damaged products reduces the risk of returns, disposal, additional manufacturing, and added shipping costs.

2. Compliance with Regulations:
A packaging redesign can ensure that your company complies with current regulations, safety standards, and labeling requirements to help you avoid legal issues and potential fines. More sustainable materials and practices can decrease your environmental footprint and align with your company’s sustainability goals.

3. Cost Savings:
Optimized packaging is cost-efficient and often reduces material usage, labor, and transportation expenses. It can also minimize waste and disposal costs.

4. Improved Supply-Chain Efficiency:
Streamlining your packaging creates a faster, more efficient, and less labor-intensive process. This change can lead to increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

5. Ease of Product Handling:
A well-executed packaging redesign improves ergonomic factors, making handling easier for manufacturing personnel and end-users. This contributes to a safer working environment by minimizing the risk of injuries.

6. Competitive Advantage:
Upgrading your packaging design can give you a competitive edge, especially if other companies have yet to make similar improvements. Embracing a packaging redesign opens doors to new, innovative solutions and technologies that can enhance your company’s reputation.


How Packaging Engineers Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

Now that you understand the many benefits of reevaluating your packaging, you must set clear objectives to be successful. A reputable provider will pair you with a packaging engineer to discuss these intentions. Following an in-depth review of your current packaging, the engineer will work with you to define your ideal path forward and prioritize the categories above. Using CAD to design physical models, they will create one or more redesign options. The client then chooses which design to continue with and communicates any packaging and production edits. From there, samples are made and sent for review before testing. If the product passes testing, drawings are finalized, approved, and sent to the manufacturer.

UFP Packaging facility testing the structural integrity of a wooden crate

Structural compression testing of a wooden crate at our packaging testing facility.


Why Invest in a Packaging Design Expert?

Working with a reputable packaging supplier is a strategic investment that significantly contributes to the success of your redesign project. At UFP Packaging, we have extensive experience assessing, testing, and transforming manufacturers' ineffective packaging into a solution optimized for their precise needs. With an ISTA-certified testing laboratory staffed with material specialists and packaging engineers, we are prepared to take on any challenge. We provide the experience, expertise, and innovation to keep your company ahead of competitors and industry challenges.


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Improving Your Operational Efficiency Overview

Redesigning your packaging is not about “changing for the sake of changing.” Instead, it is about ensuring that your solutions are aligned with your company's current needs and are working to their fullest capacity. The signs discussed here are not red flags but opportunities for improvement and growth.

If you are contemplating a packaging redesign, schedule a consultation to learn more, or call us at (855) 435-9359

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