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U-Loc Crating

UFP Packaging's U-Loc containers are a revolutionary design for the industrial packaging industry. This system combines our innovative U-Loc clips with heavy-duty plywood to make containers that are stackable as well as reusable, time after time. The clips allow you to crate your items in minutes rather than hours. No tools or fasteners required. Steel, corrosion-resistant clips simply "snap" into place and hold stronger than nails or screws.

This combination creates an ultra-strong, ultra-secure container with greater stackability than standard nailed crates. These reusable containers reduce dunnage expenses, and because they're ISPM certified and heat-treated, they can be used domestically or internationally

Type and styles available:
The U-Loc container can be customized and engineered to safely move fragile components across the state or across the world. Some options include:

Side panel ramps, Doors with hinges, Removable slats, Eye bolt tie-downs, T-nut bolt-through mounting points, Floating floors, Mil-spec packaging, Foam cushion runners.

U-Loc crating system
U-Loc clips
U-Loc interior crating
U-Loc clip close up
U-loc crating system eye bolts

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