Innovative Packaging: A Complete Guide for Manufacturers and Distributors of Steel and Metal Products

Steel and metal products are vital to various industries, and maintaining their integrity is essential. These products are highly susceptible to corrosion, scratches, and dents, which often occur during shipping, handling, and storage. Inadequate packaging increases the likelihood of damage and poses a serious threat to personnel, increasing the potential for workplace accidents and injuries. Choosing appropriate packaging will eliminate these unwanted risks.

UFP Packaging specializes in steel and metal packaging and knows the industry well. We understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we partner with you to develop custom solutions to address your company’s packaging needs. By better protecting your products, you are protecting your employees, your clients, and your bottom line.

In this guide, we will introduce you to our line of products tailored specifically for the steel and metal industry. Like everything we produce, the products in this guide have been optimized for protection, cost-effectiveness, and customization.

L-Block dunnage with steel tubing in warehouse


L-Block is a new solution designed to address the shortcomings of traditional dunnage. L-Block simplifies the process of securing your steel and metal products with preassembled grooved components. Easily place your products between the pieces and seal the entire unit with banding. Your products are now effortlessly locked in while increasing operational efficiency -- no shifting or sliding here! L-Block features metal connector plates for joint strength and an additional support piece on the bottom for enhanced material handling. With L-Block, eliminate time-consuming dunnage placement and ensure your products' safe journey with peace of mind.


U-Block is our sister solution in reimagined dunnage. U-Block is an alternative to L-Block for a more secure unit load. To use, bend the metal connector plates on the preassembled components, overlap with the bottom U-Block, secure with nails, and you are ready to ship. Like L-Block, the design gives you an on-contact, clamp-like fit without worries about product sliding. Make the switch to U-Block for an innovative approach to conventional dunnage.

U-Block dunnage with steel product in warehouse
Forklift by BarrierWood with metal sheets


BarrierWood is a solution designed to prevent corrosion in steel and metal products. Unlike traditional methods involving VCI film, paper slip sheets, or plastic sleeves, BarrierWood offers a better approach. It contains a proprietary chemical compound proven to inhibit rust and corrosion. Each piece is machine micro v-grooved for optimized airflow away from metal surfaces, and moisture-wicking channels prevent deterioration from moisture. Its coloration indicates that the coating was meticulously and evenly applied to offer the highest quality product. Together, these features maintain product quality during shipping and storage.

BarrierWood is both highly effective and cost-efficient. It weighs 38% less than standard hardwood components, promoting safer operations. BarrierWood has undergone years of proven testing in the field and holds accredited claims as a rust and corrosion inhibitor. Choose from classic red or brand-new blue colors to match your preferences.

Extension Crate and Extension Skid


Are you having to modify your crates and skids to accommodate longer products? Do you wish they could magically adjust to any length you need? That wish has become a reality with our Extension line -- an innovative, open-style crating or skid solution that extends. It arrives to you preassembled with a loose-fitting end that telescopes outward. Mini runners slide inside the main body of the crate or skid, allowing you to adjust the length as necessary and fasten it into place. This line works perfectly for all your steel and metal products, reducing your SKU count on hand. Dual-end extension is available for additional lengths. Created to reduce the labor and material costs associated with modifying existing crates or skids, the Extension line is the perfect option for manufacturers with diverse product lengths.

Extension skid extended on warehouse floor
Extension skid extended on warehouse floor

Slot-Lock™ Pallet

Slot-Lock is a fast-build pallet solution developed in-house. It is designed to carry heavy loads, perfect for steel, aluminum sheets, and painted coils. The pallet features interlocking pieces that allow you to mix and match sizes to avoid ordering custom-built pallets. Slot-Lock pallet is an eco-friendly solution offering outstanding strength using less fiber and materials. Arrives knocked down to optimize your storage space and accommodate more product SKUs. The slot design creates a safe and efficient build -- no pneumatic nail or staple guns are required. Slot-Lock pallet is ISPM-15 certified, with heat-treating available. Durable, reusable, and easy to assemble, Slot-Lock is perfect for a streamlined manufacturing process.

Protective Packaging

Protective packaging plays a crucial role in safeguarding steel and metal products. These items are prone to physical damage such as scratches and dents during transportation, and they face the risk of corrosion and rust while in storage. To effectively shield against these challenges, our lineup of protective packaging complements our crates, dunnage, and storage solutions. Our roster for the steel and metal industry includes wrapping materials like vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCIs), corrugated board, foam inserts, corner protectors, and steel and poly strapping. VCIs form a protective layer around steel and metal surfaces to prevent corrosion by moisture. We also offer VCI bags for larger loads. Corrugated board and foam inserts can be placed in between layers to mitigate scratches and dents caused by friction and serve as shock absorption. Corner protectors safeguard the vulnerable areas of the products, and steel and poly strapping secure hefty loads.

By making UFP Packaging your sole supplier for your steel and metal packaging needs, you’ll streamline your supplier network and enjoy rapid service.



Choosing the right packaging solutions for steel and metal products is crucial for their safe handling, transportation, and storage. UFP Packaging offers efficient solutions like L-Block and U-Block dunnage for enhanced product protection and time-saving capabilities. BarrierWood™ prevents corrosion and rust, while the Extension line provides exact customization. The Slot-Lock™ pallet provides eco-friendly strength, and we also offer protective packaging for added reinforcement. Our steel and metal industry customers include:

  • Metal coating and finishers
  • Coil, plate, tube, pipe, and bar processers
  • Cold-rolled sheet and strip processers
  • Forging, casting, and stamping manufacturers
  • Metal extrusion manufacturers
  • Architectural and perforated metal panel manufacturers
  • Specialty metal manufacturers and more


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Stacked steel and metal rods


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